Breathing Life Into Your Brand

Breathing Life Into Your Brand

Breathing Life Into Your BrandBreathing Life Into Your BrandBreathing Life Into Your Brand

Magazine Writing

Elements of an American Dream

 This summer, when Janeily Perez ’18 took the podium to address alumni, faculty and staff gathered at the Susquehanna Valley Country Club in honor of Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Thomas F. McGrath, no one could have imagined the long and winding road she took to get there. 

Not Your Grandmother's SU ... or Is It?

 Now in its 160th academic year, Susquehanna has certainly seen its share of changes through the generations. Once an exclusively white, male-dominated campus composed primarily of Pennsylvania students, the university has grown into a cosmopolitan campus represented by a student body with more women than men, from dozens of states and countries. 

A Mission, A Market and A Dream

Gary Fincke, the Charles B. Degenstein professor of English and creative writing and founding director of the Writers Institute at Susquehanna University, has spent 35 years working with generations of young writers. 

Voices for Empathy and Education

 Garrett Thompson ’00 and Baktash Ahadi ’05 are using their talents to inspire a new generation and connect them to the wider world, just as our 2016 Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration speaker has done in her career. 

Getting to the Table at the Top

The topic of women’s leadership took center stage at a first-of-its-kind symposium held in New York City for female business students. Supported and presented by Susquehanna alumnae, the symposium is leading to new opportunities back on campus. 

The Perpetual Proponents of Winter

 Austin Royer '10 brings his passion for snowboarding innovation home to the Susquehanna Valley. 

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