Breathing Life Into Your Brand

Breathing Life Into Your Brand

Breathing Life Into Your BrandBreathing Life Into Your BrandBreathing Life Into Your Brand

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Great Students Make Great Stories

Brody Brown '21: Gaming for the Future

 Brody Brown isn’t your typical college student. In fact, the junior computer science and economics major wasn’t your typical high school student either. 

Jazer Willis ’22: Connecting With People and Passion

 Sophomore Jazer Willis ’22 was well on his way to being a rock-star student before he ever enrolled at Albright College. In high school, the Philadelphia native served as the city’s NAACP Youth Council branch president and became an international slam poet with the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement. And once on campus, he wasted no time adding to his résumé. 

Sarah Hosler ’20: Journey Begins Through Speaking Up

 Not many undergrads can say they have done research with their college president, but Sarah Hosler ’20 can. And the opportunity came about solely because she was not afraid to ask. 

Amanda Bunn '20: On the Fast Track to Success

Amanda Bunn '20 was one of those kids who preferred nature documentaries to cartoons. “I spent most of my free time outdoors,” recalled the Fleetwood, Pa., native, “and I wanted to have an in-depth understanding of the systems that surround me, and the factors that harm and benefit them.” 

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